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discover  BORGO philosophy and the new generation of   ROTOBLOW rinser/blower   ELFILL PESO net weight filler   ELFILL VOLUME / MASS flow meter filler
discover BORGO  new generation  ROTOBLOW rinser/blower  ELFILL PESO net weight filler  ELFILL volume/mass  flow meter filler
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 Company Profile
Found in 1959 by Mr. Enzo Puttini as a sole proprietorship in the mechanical packaging sector and primarily focused on the manufacturing of labelling and capping machines, as a result of a large increase in activity and sales volume, the company was changed in 1986 into a capital company and rebranded BORGO COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE s.r.l.
Now BORGO, with the experience acquired in these 60 years, is a modern family run business which produces complete liquid packaging lines.
The head office is located in the industrial zone of Marmirolo, at 5 km. from Mantova – 30 km. from Verona airport, in a private area of 10.000 square meter, with three production factories.

To assure the highest quality and reliability of the production, the equipment of the factory includes sophisticated automated tool machines with CNC.
Computerized systems of high quality are used in the management of the different functions: from the planning to the technical and production departments as well as in the commercial and book-keeping dept.

The actual production includes:
Bottle unscrambler.
Bottle rinser.
Blower in different models.
Liquid fillers traditional and electronic, in the beverage, chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food.
Mechanical and electronic cappers, free-standing or in monoblocks with rinser and fillers, to close different kind of caps.
Self-adhesive inline labellers or wet glue for round or shaped containers, self-adhesive rotary or wet glue from 1 to 5 labels with speed from 2.000 up to 50.000 b/h, rotary Hot Melt labellers for wrap around labels.
Sleevers machines to apply sleeve around the neck or complete body.

A wide distribution through agents, resellers and importers guarantee the supply and assistance of the BORGO products all over the world.
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